Each Sunday, Children and Family Ministries offers learning experiences geared for children age 3 through 6th grade. The younger children (pre-K through kindergarten) spend time with Harriet Claiborne and Deacon Ruthie Hooper taking part in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd curriculum. The children learn through this Montessori-type program by interacting with the various manipulative centers.

Several weeks ago, Henry Fairchild Haer was so excited about what he had learned about how the altar is set up for the Eucharist that he made a special art piece.


Henry’s mother, Amy, sent the drawing to Deacon Ruthie with this note: “Thank you so much for being the Sunday School teacher this year! … Henry drew a person behind his altar when we got home. I asked him who it was, and he said it was you (Deacon Ruthie). The only help I provided was giving him the color of your stole — he even made it cross-body himself. I think you’ve already made an impression!”

Needless to say, Deacon Ruthie was moved to tears thinking about how our children are impacted by our Catechesis program. Henry, along with our other Church School children, is certainly learning about what it means to be a Christian and an Episcopalian!

—The Rev. N. Jean Rogers

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