JAM456_kids_2016During 2015–2016, the upper elementary children, “JAM456” (Jesus and Me 4th 5th 6th graders), have been learning how to be Dragon Slayers by studying the Dragon Slayer’s Essential Training Guide. The Guide is based on the practices of the great dragon slayers of old (Jesus and the disciples), and the wisdom of the ancient manual (the Bible). Through their studies, the children have learned about various types of dragons that exist, such as Obstacks (those that put up barriers) and Sinisters (those that stir up evil thoughts, feelings, and deeds) and how we, as Dragon Slayers, can overcome them.

This spring, these Dragon Slayers in training put this knowledge into action by participating in an outreach project. They assisted the Casa Maria Sandwich Ministry with making sandwiches for the sack lunches that the ministry donates to Casa Maria Soup Kitchen.

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They also pursued a stewardship campaign to raise money for the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund. They raised $700 that will go toward provisions of animals or food to promote good health and sustainable living for people in need around the world. Thank you to those who made donations toward this project!

These new Dragon Slayers will receive their official certificates in May. When asked about what they learned this year, they responded, “we learned that there are many bad dragons in the world, but when we use our protective armor, we can slay them.”

—Dale LaFleur

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