Two St. Philip’s parishioners have helped obtain generous gifts in support of the After School Music and Homework Program. As a member of the Board of Directors of Vantage West Credit Union, John Driskill obtained approval of a donation of $500 from Vantage West for ASMP.

The Rincon Rotary Club has approved a proposal written by Richard Powell, President of the ASMP Board of Directors, for $500. This was facilitated by Rotarian and St. Philippian Tom Eiff. This gift was used to purchase new books for the ASMP library.

Because ASMP raises the majority of its operating budget, gifts such as these are critically important for the continued operation and success of the program. The ASMP Board of Directors would like to thank John and Tom for their help in obtaining these gifts. The Board also encourages other parishioners to look for opportunities such as these to help support ASMP.

asmp 2

Dick Powell (left) and Tom Eiff (right) with ASMP participants and some of their new books

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