Have you ever been close to tears due to music? I do not get like that very often but it happened in February 2016 when the J2A youth went on a weekend retreat to New Mexico. We took turns in leading grace before a meal. For one of our last meals, several of the youth broke into a four-part song to bless the meal. It was quite simply amazing. I was floored — I didn’t even know how to react — and this was only one part of our weekend.

j2a sledsOur time together was full of moments, much like this one, where you could see the Spirit of God working and moving between all who were there. Whether it was sledding down the hills near the cabin, playing games inside the cabin, cooking meals together, cleaning up/doing the dishes, or pushing a stuck car out of the snow, it was easy to see grace abundant in all that we were doing.

If you have any questions about what the youth are doing, please feel free to drop me a line, stop by my office, or check out our devotional blog.

j2a sled2

j2a car

j2a group

—Stuart Salvatierra, Director of Youth Ministries

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