Our most valuable resource at St. Philip’s, exceeding that of our beautiful Church, is our clergy and staff. They are dedicated to helping all of us seek fulfillment in this loving Christian community. Last year the Vestry established a Human Resources Committee to help the staff better carry out their crucial roles. The committee members are Lois Britton, Beth Brouillette, Herb Burton, Bob Couch (chair), Raymond Dewey, Judie Ellyson, Gwen Powell, and Karl Yordy. The committee members have extensive experience with governance and management, both within St. Philip’s and with other organizations. The committee’s objective from the Vestry is to establish human resources policies and practices for St. Philip’s that reflect the best practices of effective organizations, including churches.

The committee has retained the services an experienced human resources consultant to help in this work. The first step has been the creation of job descriptions for each clergy and staff position. These descriptions use a common format and were prepared with staff participation to help clarify staff roles and responsibilities and promote coordination of related functions.

The committee is also reviewing St. Philip’s’ human resources policies to establish an effective guide for the daily activities of the staff. These policies will also help ensure that St. Philip’s complies with legal requirements that apply to all organizations. Some policies may also apply to volunteers, such as compliance with the Safeguarding God’s Children policy of the Diocese.

With the advice of our human resources consultant and input from the staff, the committee is also developing a process for regular reviews of the goals of each staff member relative to the Vestry’s strategic plan for St. Philip’s.

Good human resources policies and practices are essential for making a small but complicated organization like St. Philip’s tick. The aim is to support and facilitate the activities of clergy and staff as they interact with our parishioners in seeking to do God’s work in the world.

—Karl Yordy

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