A few days before I started working at St. Philip’s, eager to get acquainted, I stopped by the office to pick up payroll forms, met most of the staff, and asked if there was a pictorial directory. I was given a copy of the directory from 2009, and Greg Foraker said, “it will be your job to make that more current.”

Fast forward to the annual meeting in January of this year, and the subject of a photo directory came up again. I knew there was a need, but from previous experience, I also knew producing a photo directory was a labor intensive endeavor involving many volunteers. I said to a small group of interested parishioners that I could facilitate the process, but I knew no one in the congregation and would need their help in recruiting volunteers.

In a matter of days, a team of almost 50 volunteers was in place. They scheduled photo sessions, processed paperwork as photos were being taken, planned the layout of the directory pages, and now they’re helping to distribute directories. They were the most reliable volunteers with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. Everyone followed through on their commitments.

As we sent everything off to the publisher to await our proof copy (who knew we would have so many clergy changes between now and then?!!), the volunteer team gathered to celebrate. We enjoyed light refreshments and a friendly putting competition. I wish we had thought to snap a photo earlier in our gathering (something we should all try to do at church events), but we did remember before it was too late.


Once again, let me say thank you to the folks who worked on the directory. You provided a great introduction to St. Philip’s for me.

—Lois Britton, Parish Administrator

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