credit union logoSpend less than you earn …

Save now, spend later …

Understand debt …

Is there a way to do that? Who can I talk with?

One of the better places to get answers is a credit union. As a member, you are a part owner. (At a bank, the shareholders are the owners.) Of course, there are many credit unions around town, but consider The Episcopal Federal Credit Union.

credit union rita

Rita Smalling

Some years ago, Bishop Kirk Smith proposed an Episcopal Credit Union as a means to assist parishioners who wanted to invest money, or who needed financial assistance, but didn’t want to become involved with commercial banks. (And Pay Day lenders and Auto Title Loans often increase the debt load beyond the value of the collateral given.) The Episcopal Federal Credit Union was the result. After careful consideration, we became a division of the United Methodist Federal Credit Union, which provides services to the Episcopal FCU. It was a win win situation. All the services of a credit union were immediately available without the time consuming and costly startup requirements.

Last year, Canon Timothy Dombek nominated St. Philips’s parishioner Rita Smalling as an Associate Director of the Board of Directors of the United Methodist Federal Credit Union. With her previous experience in banking, Ms. Smalling is a knowledgeable addition, and we will be well served with her presence on the board of directors.

Several savings and checking account types are offered as well as investment accounts, auto, real estate, and personal signature loans, and VISA cards. As soon as arrangements can be made, a Membership Services brochure and application form will be available in the church office in the wall rack immediately inside the door from the Perry Garden.

For those who wish to have immediate information about membership, you may call Janet Kaiser, the credit union sales person in Phoenix at (602) 677-0162.

—Wayne Fulton

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