hike 4Twelve “Apostles” from St. Philip’s gathered for an afternoon of Lenten spiritual reflection in the desert on Saturday, February 21. We broke bread together in the picnic shelter before heading out to the Romero Ruins Trail in Catalina State Park. At each interpretive sign, we learned about the lives of the ancient Hohokam people who lived in the site (A.D. 500–1450). At selected points throughout the walk we prayed, meditated and shared our thoughts on our own lives and God’s gifts. A giant, very old saguaro had become a home to many birds. It extends its many arms to the sky as if to say, “Here I am, in reverence to you, Lord.” Spectacular mountains, desert wilderness, the warming sun with a cool breeze greeted us as we experienced spiritual fellowship in the beauty and quiet of the desert.

—Abby Marier

hike 2

hike 3

hike 1

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