The prison ministry had a great time on a recent Saturday morning learning or, at the very least, laughing while attempting to learn, hula hoop tricks with the women at one of Old Pueblo Community Services‘ transitional houses. Old Pueblo is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of services such as transitional housing and substance abuse counseling for veterans as well as people who have been incarcerated or homeless.

hula hoop 7

hula hoop 1Our goal was simply to have fun and fellowship, and get a little exercise with the women who lived there. Everyone enthusiastically participated and gave hooping a try. Some sought out the shade of the porch as it got warmer, but continued to encourage those who didn’t let the heat stop the fun.

Special thanks to Stephanie Cortes of Cirque Roots for bringing hula hoops, leading our class, and wowing us with a fun demonstration of her hooping skills.

—Laura Gutowski

hula hoop 8 hula hoop 5 hula hoop 3 hula hoop 2

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