Children and Family Ministries has had a busy and productive summer. Under the leadership of Jenneen Lowry, parents stepped up to provide a “Children’s Story Time” during the 9 a.m. service each Sunday except second Sundays. On second Sundays, the “Comfy Space” team of volunteers took leadership in working with the assigned celebrant to plan and produce the “Comfy Space” service, which is worship designed for those who tend to wiggle, as well as those who worship with them.

Harriet Claiborne gave the sermon at the July "Comfy Space" service

Harriet Claiborne gave the sermon at the July “Comfy Space” service


The first Sunday in August was “Back to School Sunday.” Backpacks were blessed during the 9 a.m. service (and prayers offered for schoolwork and occupations at other services). At 10:15 a.m., Children and Family Ministries hosted an all-parish potluck coffee hour in the Children’s Center, complete with refreshments and fellowship for adults and bubble activities for children.

cfm bubbles

Matthew Holter directed the bubble brigade


On the second Sunday in August, the “Comfy Space” service also included blessing of backpacks. The service ended with the blessing of the Sunday School classrooms, and Sunday School began for the season.

Celebrating the Eucharist at the August Comfy Space service

Celebrating the Eucharist at the August “Comfy Space” service


Sunday School teachers for fall include Shelby Peck and Elizabeth Stevens in the Preschool/Kindergarten class; Harriet Claiborne and Gaye Izzard in grades 1–3; and Tori Holter in grades 4 and 5.

cfm classroom2 cfm classroom1

The search committee appointed to recruit and hire a new Director of Children and Family Ministries was busy. The committee consisted of Tamzin Sugiyama, Commissioner for Children’s Education; Alison Lee, Senior Warden; Harriet Claiborne, Sunday School teacher; and parents Kurt Anderson, Jenneen Lowry, Jonathan Sprinkle, and Holly Crawford. Their first, formidable task was to define the job description. The job listing has been posted (it can be viewed here). They have been reviewing many resumes, and have narrowed them down to a short list. All is progressing according to plan. They are hoping to have an announcement soon.

Tamzin said “we are very grateful to the many wonderful parents who have stepped in to fill the many roles required while we wait for our new Director of Children and Family Ministries to be selected.” Jenneen Lowry has set up a “Sign Up Genius” online sign-up sheet for parents to volunteer to assist in classrooms. For more information about Children and Family Ministries, contact Tamzin at childrenscommissioner@stphilipstucson.org.

—Photos by Mary Margaret Sprinkle

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