St. Philip’s newly formed LGBTQ+A Ministry (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, plus Allies), informally known as the “Alphabet Soup Group,” assisted at the Poz Café on March 20, a lunch organized by the Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDs Network (TIHAN).

The Poz Café is a monthly luncheon held at St. Francis in the Foothills Church for people living with HIV. On the third Thursday of each month, volunteers from local Tucson congregations provide lunch for people living with HIV. This is followed by time to “hang out,” chat, participate in a game or two of bingo, and enjoy a raffle.

Another component of TIHAN’s successful Poz Café lunch is the Poz MarketPlace. After lunch, participants can pick up needed items from a table stocked with donated toiletries and personal care items that are not covered by food stamps.

The Poz Café coordinator between TIHAN and St. Philip’s is the Rev. Ralph Taylor. If you are interested in helping in the future and if you ever wanted to know what it is like to cook and serve lunch to about 150 people, just indicate your interest to Ralph. So many congregations in Tucson participate in the program that St. Philip’s takes part only once a year. It’s intense, but fun!

—Bob Kamilli

 If you would like more information about St. Philip’s LGBTQ+A Ministry, contact Bob Kamilli or Cameron Rau.


Left to Right: Sally Stevens-Taylor, Bob Kamilli, Cameron Rau, and the Rev. Ralph Taylor (not pictured, but present: the Rev. Vicki Hesse)

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