On Saturday, February 15, St. Philip’s held its second annual Renewal of Marriage Vows and Covenant Promises service, an opportunity for couples to publicly restate their love for each other in “God’s house.” As one participant acknowledged, despite the reality that a long-term committed relationship has challenges as well as joys, “we all recognize the value and wonder … and we all proudly and loudly proclaimed that love and that commitment.”

Renewal of vows

Six couples renewed their covenantal vows: Tom and Sue Cross, Jeff and Elizabeth Higby, Dick and Maralee Lopez, Hal and Julie Robson, Bill and Sondra Sherman, and Debbie Walker and Silvia Becerra. The Rev. Vicki Hesse served as celebrant and preacher, with the Rev. Leah Sandwell-Weiss as deacon. Lay ministers were Beth Brouillette and Jim Marr, with Jessica Eppard as crucifer, Marje Wallendorf doing Altar Guild duties, and Woosug Kang as organist.

vows covenants

Dick and Maralee Lopez brought their son and daughter-in-law and grandsons. As Dick reported, “The reaffirmation of marriage vows service with the Holy Eucharist was very meaningful. Our son and daughter-in-law hope to do the same at their church in Chandler. Our two grandsons enjoyed the organ music very much. The special cake was very tasty after the service. Thank you for having the service.”

Dick and Maralee Lopez (right) with Jason and Cindy, Cameron and Jacob Lopez

Dick and Maralee Lopez (right) with Jason and Cindy, Cameron and Jacob Lopez

A festive reception afterwards was organized by Carmen Christy.

vows reception

vows crosses

Tom and Sue Cross

vow sherman2

Bill and Sondra Sherman

vow robsons

Hal and Julie Robson

This service takes place on the Saturday nearest to Valentine’s Day (in 2015 it will actually be on Valentine’s Day). Watch for more information about next year’s service, and invite your family and friends to share in your joy as they participate with you!

vows group

Front: Jeff and Elizabeth Higby, Dick and Maralee Lopez, the Rev. Vicki Hesse, the Rev. Leah Sandwell-Weiss, Julie and Hal Robson; Back: Silvia Becerra and Debbie Walker, Sondra and Bill Sherman, Sue and Tom Cross

—Photos by Don Veitch

One thought on “Couples Renew Marriage and Covenant Vows

  1. What a great day this was!!! Congratulations to all who renewed their covenantal vows!!! Thanks to St. Philip’s and Rev. Vicki Hesse for allowing us to be part of the celebration!!!

    Jason, Cindy, Cameron & Jacob Lopez

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