Everyone enjoys a garden—pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul. St. Philip’s is home to several. Walking through one of the gardens on the way to the church on a Sunday morning helps us to prepare for worship.

Fishpond Garden

Fishpond Garden

Imagine what it would be like if we entered the Church directly from a paved parking lot. The journey down the loggia by and through some of the gardens prepares us, without our realizing it, for the nurturing of mind, body, and soul that is to come.

Perry Garden

Perry Garden

The most well known gardens at St. Philip’s are the Perry Garden and the Fishpond Garden.

Columbarium Garden

Columbarium Garden

The Columbarium Garden is a meditative place.

In front of the church is a cactus garden, frequently overlooked, with a variety of succulents.

Monk's Garden

Monk’s Garden

The Monk’s Garden, that long narrow planter by the wooden cross in front of the church, is being newly refurbished.

Cactus Garden

Cactus Garden near office

A new cactus garden is in process, and is visible from the walkway from the north parking lot. As you descend the steps between the children’s courtyard and the offices, look to your left.

Quiet Garden

Quiet Garden

The quiet garden, designed for meditation and reflection, can also be enjoyed from the porch of La Parroquia.

Several words come to mind when considering  the care of a garden: digging, planting, weeding, and watering. Plus a little fertilizer in judicious amounts and considerable elbow grease.

Garden Guild workingWho does that in our church gardens? A dedicated group under the leadership of Pamela Henderson, consisting of Geri and Gary Ashworth, the Rev. Beverly Edminster, Brigid McHale . . .  and you, and you, and you? Although a garden is a place of serenity, it demands consistent care through all the seasons. The reward is beauty, and the satisfaction of participating with your fellow parishioners in the beauty of holiness. Won’t you consider joining the Garden Guild a few hours a week?

Garden Guild

Garden Guild members take a lunch break

Contact Pamela (529-1747), Geri (743-7059), or Bev (bevedminster@gmail.com) for information.

—Wayne Fulton

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