Facebook logoMinistry is about building relationships — with God and with each other. Of course, the way we communicate is ever-changing, and, as it continues to gain popularity, digital communication is a valuable tool to connect with potential parishioners and one another, and ultimately build and strengthen our St. Philip’s community.

Facebook, for example, is a platform for sharing interests and things that affect our lives — and for us parishioners, St. Philip’s is a big part of that.

Now the important thing to note is the keyword in social media is social. The idea is that we content consumers actually become content producers — with every post, comment, and “like,” our one-way messages become two-way conversations. Facebook alone now has more than 900 million active users, and 45% of those are ages 35 to 100 (15% are older than 55). Now, given the average user has 190 Facebook friends, if just 10 parishioners contribute to a discussion on the St. Philip’s Facebook page, it could potentially reach thousands of people — with the click of a button. How’s that for spreading the Good News?

So how can you participate in the digital discussion?

social likeLike Us — If you haven’t “Liked” the St. Philip’s Facebook page yet, here’s the link: www.facebook.com/StPhilipsTucson. We post photos of the campus, upcoming events, things to be thankful for, a weekly featured parishioner, and other reasons why St. Philip’s is great. We’re also hosting a photo contest only accessible through our Facebook page (have you entered yet?).

Twitter logo

Follow — If you prefer Twitter, we’re there, too: @StPhilipsTucson

Share — Did we post a photo or a comment that you like? Share it with your friends! When you hit the “Share” button, it reposts the photo to your timeline.

Facebook share

Facebook check in

Check-in — Have a moment before taking your place in the pews on Sunday? Enjoying a particularly good forum or concert? Use Facebook’s “Check-in” function and let people know you’re at St. Philip’s.

Thank you for helping spread the Good News about St. Philip’s!

—Serena Z. Hall

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