The day dawned cool and cloudy. But our hearts were warmed by our love for each other and the wonderful “offering” at St. Philip’s to publicly restate that love in “God’s house.” Six couples entered the church to Woosug Kang’s inspirational musical offering.  We all gathered — on one side of the aisle (John wondered, “Why?”) — in the first five or six rows.


The Rev. Canon John Kitagawa

We enjoyed music and liturgy of the Word — all delightfully appropriate to the renewal of vows. John’s sermon was “spot on,” reminding us of the importance of marriage, and that all “is not roses” as the “love boat leaks.” But, we all recognize the value and wonder that marriage provides, and we all proudly and loudly proclaimed that love and that commitment. (Although the men WERE prompted to try their affirmation a second time — with more gusto).

For Eileen and me, February 19 will mark 30 years; for the longest wed among us, Richard and Sue Kuns — 56 years. So, we are grateful to St. Philip’s and the Rev. Canon John Kitagawa for providing an opportunity to “re-up” for another “term.”




cake cutting

The reception, planned for a warm and sunny Perry Garden, was moved to La Paz in concession to the cool, although the sun had come out in celebration. Richard and Sue cut the cake. Some of us wondered if there would be the traditional “feeding of the spouses,” but, if that WERE planned, that was cancelled when Sue promised an early distancing if it were in the works. We shared histories and fellowship, cake and libations before departing to implement our newly renewed vows.

cake cutting

We are so grateful to St. Philip’s for this opportunity and to Woosug Kang for the music.  The Rev. Barbara Adam and the Rev. Ralph Taylor assisted, while Sara Talley was our delightful usher. Kathy Kitagawa delighted us with her professional picture-taking, which will provide us with visible memories forever.

—Donald Veitch

Happy couples

Left to right: Don and Eileen Veitch; John and Jean Rogers; Sue and Richard Kuns; Geri and John Smith; Elizabeth and Jeff Higby; Margherita Gale Harris and Ralph Weeks

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