EFCU logoIn our fast-paced, high-tech world, we often fail to recognize that God is intricately involved in the details of our lives. One of these details is our financial life, our banking, our saving, our borrowing. What we do with our money, how we care for it, how we use it, how we make the most of it both for ourselves and for others is important to God and to our service to God.

Many of us are financially secure and happy with the financial institution we are currently a part of. Why become a member of Episcopal Federal Credit Union, a division of United Methodist Frederal Credit Union? That’s where the ministry part becomes action. Commercial banks now focus their attention on wealthy depositors and corporate accounts. Episcopal FCU offers these services, including checking and savings accounts, IRA and Share Certificate accounts, debit cards, online banking, and ATM access. Episcopal FCU offers loans for debt consolidation, a new or used car, and personal needs. Credit Unions change lives every day!

A number of our congregation members are unable to secure a loan or a credit card; in fact, some are not able to open a savings account at other institutions. Episcopal FCU would like to assist our members with financial products that best fit their needs. Your account and its assets provide a base from which the credit union can work with individuals, listen to their stories, and offer financial options to assist in enhancing their financial lives. Our capacity to understand and our willingness to serve to our Episcopal FCU membership sets us apart from other financial institutions.

We believe that we are called to serve all the people in our communities and that through Episcopal FCU we can tangibly and faithfully invest in and empower families, institutions, and neighborhoods in our diocesan community. Episcopal FCU was created to:

  • Meet the needs of Episcopalians within our diocese, or those under-served by banks or other financial institutions in their area.
  • Improve the financial lives of Episcopalians in Arizona by helping them reduce their banking costs while at the same time increase returns on savings and investments; this is especially important for our retired Episcopalians seeking higher interest income at a substantially reduced fee structure.
  • Model responsible financial stewardship for both congregations and church members alike.
  • Provide this benefit to all employees of our congregations and other qualified Episcopal institutions in the diocese.

Credit unions are people helping people. Credit Unions are not-for-profit and cooperative – owned by their “members.” Episcopal FCU is based on building relationships with its members seeking to assist them in enhancing their financial lives to the greatest benefit.

Our loan department works very hard to process loan requests quickly. Just by letting members of our congregations know that Episcopal FCU is available to them, and that as active members we support and encourage the overall mission of enhancing financial lives. Episcopal FCU offers a valuable and viable ministry through products and services to assist in strengthening personal financial stewardship.

Since its inception, Episcopal FCU has grown in membership and assets. As of the end of June 2012, its membership has grown to 364 natural members and 47 church memberships. These 411 members have deposits of $2.9 million in the credit union. The credit union has loaned $1.2 million to its membership through the use of automobile, personal, church debt refinances, and VISA cards. Account are serviced through United Methodist FCU corporate office in Montclair, California, a branch office in Phoenix, and over 30,000 ATMs available free of charge through the CO-OP network nationwide.

Episcopal FCU provides an opportunity to enhance the financial lives of our church members and our congregations. Please join me for a Forum at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday, September 23. Applications for the Episcopal FCU will be taken in the Perry Garden from 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. You will need a minimum of $30 and your driver’s license as a form of ID to open an account. Outreach will be rewarded $20 for every new account opened. This $20 reward is an example of how Episcopal FCU partners in your ministry.

Already a member? Consider opening an account for your child or grandchild. What a great opportunity to teach the importance of saving and encourage them on the road to financial stewardship.

Credit Unions change lives every day. Let’s make a difference together!

–Janet Kaiser, Membership Development/Membership Service Specialist, Episcopal FCU

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