St. Philip’s Building & Grounds Committee has been busy this second quarter of 2012.

Completed Projects
Looping of La Paz completes the recent project of expanding the areas at St. Philip’s that are “looped” for the hearing impaired. After this special wiring is installed, anything that is said into the microphone is sent through the “loop,” creating a magnetic induction field within the loop which transmits directly to hearing aids equipped with a T-coil. Currently, in addition to the church, the Murphey Gallery and now La Paz are looped. This project was mostly funded by Parishioners donations. Cost $10,698.

The entire campus, including La Parroquia, is now protected by a fire/burglar alarm system that alerts the Police and Fire Departments in case of any disturbance or occurance. This project was funded by the Preservation and Endowment Foundation. Cost $42,445.

All six doors on the east side of the Murphy Gallery were warped and beyond repair – resulting in costly air infiltration. These were replaced by new wooden doors to match the originals. This replacement cost was funded by the Preservation & Endowment Foundation. Cost $13,400.

Projects in the Pipeline
A study is underway to create a program to update the complete sound systems for the campus. Initially this intent was to update and replace the sound system for the Church, but it has been expanded to include sound amplification systems for the Douglas Children Center, Patio, Music Center Auditorium, and the Children’s Chapel/Activity Room. Cost not yet established.

The original design of the Murphey Gallery East included a portico over the doors. Besides protecting the doors from the elements, this would help reduce the effect of morning sunlight on the temperatures in that room. Working drawings and specifications are now complete and a building permit has been procured. The funding for this project is not defined. It may be funded by a parishioner or parishioners or by the Preservation and Endowment Foundation. The budget for this project is $51,500.

All meetings of the Buildings & Grounds Committee are open to parishoners. We meet at 3 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month, September through May. Interest and participation in this important work is always solicited.
–Warren Edminster, AIA, Chair, Buildings & Grounds Committee

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