Welcome to this collection of stories from St. Philip’s! This publication, Good News from St. Philip’s, is an opportunity for St. Philippians to share their stories about mission and ministry at St. Philip’s. What are we engaged in, and why? How does each person’s ministry, in whatever form it takes, touch people’s lives, at St. Philip’s and in the wider community?

Scroll down and click on the links below to read the stories posted on this site. Click on “Follow” (bottom right corner) to be notified whenever a new story is posted.

St. Philip’s In The Hills Parish strives to be a strong and loving community that welcomes, encourages, and empowers all to grow in Christ and to do God’s work in the world. Through our Vision Invitation — “come and see, grow with God, go and do” — you are invited to read our stories, explore the many spiritual, educational, musical, and ministry opportunities at St. Philip’s, and discern where God may be calling you.

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